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The Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units

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There's a national conversation happening about the growing trend in creative uses for backyard spaces. Communities across the country are looking at accessory dwelling units (ADU's) as a means to provide flexibility in the housing market; flexibility that accommodates changes in lifestyle, the environment, and personal finances. Municipalities all over the U.S. - from our hometown of Boulder, CO, to Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, Austin, TX, and Washington DC have all passed, or are considering, zoning changes that make the permitting and use of accessory structures easier and more affordable.

This is a welcome development here at Studio Shed. We've long advocated for smarter ways to gain extra living space while minimizing the environmental impact of doing so.

Creating a more streamlined process for the addition of an ADU provides numerous benefits to the community and individual homeowners. ADU's are a flexible housing solution that can be used as an affordable rental unit for new residents, a place for aging parents to remain with their families, or as a traditional guest house.

Studio Shed is committed to helping our customers live large with a small footprint, and a detached residential space is a perfect way to do it. If an accessory dwelling is something that would be perfect on your lot, check out our Summit Series. These are residential-quality structures that are the perfect starting point for your dream backyard guest house or creative studio. The easing of restrictions on these units also makes it simpler to add a small space such as a Signature Series home office or art studio. We're proud to be a part of this emerging trend in smaller, sustainable spaces.

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