Prefab Backyard Office Sheds

Our modern world requires that we work in new ways. A Studio Shed backyard office is a place you can commute to in seconds, without the distractions of an office in your home.


Experience the benefits of a home office just steps from your back door. Unlike a dedicated room within your home, a prefab backyard office shed from Studio Shed provides a detached space away from the distractions of home. Your new commute across your yard provides both the separation necessary for focused work, but the convenience of working from home.

“My home office shed is so relaxing. I’m at work, but it’s completely non-stressful. I can concentrate. I feel energized. I’m productive.”

– Mike M., San Francisco, California

“For me, my Studio Shed has been a dream. It’s a space where I can work, where I feel creative and contemplative. It’s where I do my best work.”

– Marco M., Longmont, Colorado

Studio Shed prefab backyard offices are one of the most popular uses for our Signature Series. Available in numerous sizes, these home office sheds can be customized in our 3D Configurator and tailored to fit the exact space you need. Hundreds of window and door orientations are possible to capture abundant natural light specific to your site. Built with a variety of green materials, they are prefabricated at our factory in Colorado and shipped directly to your residence. Installation of our most popular sizes takes less than one week, including all interior finishes and electrical connections. It’s the fastest and simplest way to begin enjoying a finished four-season office space in your own backyard.

A prefab backyard office shed adds value to your home. Compared to the cost of off-site office space, it’s an appreciating asset you can enjoy for years to come. Many current owners have found that their Studio Shed has added more to the appraised value of their home than they paid for it.

“Instead of paying for an office lease, we got a Studio Shed at a price we can pay off within five years, while adding to our quality of life, and the value of our home.”

– Marco M., Longmont, Colorado

“Our Studio Shed is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful office space and looks so great in our back yard. We could not have made a better investment with our money and our time.”

– Beth M., San Francisco, CA

Studio Shed Home Office Features

  • Hundreds of window and door configurations to capture natural light
  • Turnkey electrical package for an efficient installation
  • Simple foundation options
  • Denim insulation and cork flooring (optional) create a healthy interior space

Studio Shed’s prefabricated home offices are the perfect solution for those who work from home. Experience the benefits of having a true creative sanctuary in your yard, just steps from your back door.

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