A stunning trade show booth, a temporary display room or retail store, a ticket kiosk, an office within your building, a coffee shop. A Studio Shed is your pop-up space that can be customized by your team and then re-used again and again.


Studio Sheds aren’t just for your residence, they’re for your business. We’ve facilitated a range of commercial installations ranging from portable coffee shops to temporary displays and retail stores; ticket kiosks to trade show booths that will stop an audience in their tracks.

Our modular system is perfectly suited to temporary installations and times when speed is at a premium. Our structures install cleanly and quickly minimizing site disruption, especially in high-traffic commercial areas. Only minor modifications to the installation process by your construction team are required to make the building readily disassembleable for your future use. They are cost-effective; especially if you already have a contractor in place – we’ll give them the same training tools we give our own installers and DIY clients so they’ll have your space ready for use in no time.

“First, I want to say thank you for your partnership. I haven’t seen anyone walk by the shed without checking it out. It’s been very successful.”

– L.M., Whole Foods Community Relations Specialist

Studio Shed Commercial Features

  • Available in multiple sizes for a variety of applications
  • Hundreds of window and door configurations
  • Simple foundation options
  • Discounts available for bulk purchases
  • Can be disassembled for future use (with modifications)
  • Installs rapidly and efficiently

Our Customer Experience team has worked with companies as diverse as Intuit, Whole Foods, Westin Hotels, and more, to provide simple outbuildings for a variety of both temporary and permanent needs. Whether you are looking for a temporary stand-alone booth, a pop-up retail store, a ticket kiosk, or even a building within a building, businesses need more space too. A prefabricated and well-designed building from Studio Shed can be the perfect way to quickly gain some breathing room, or grab your customers’ attention.