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A granny flat is a detached living space on the property of a single-family home. It can also be referred to as an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit.


The term ‘granny flat’ comes from one of the popular uses of an ADU as a home for elderly or aging relatives. Other names for an ADU include granny unit, in-law suite, casita, garden cottage, and more.

But the ‘granny flat’ is not just limited to older relatives! This backyard space is ideal for many uses, serving as a guest house for visiting family and friends, or maybe even an at-home office for telecommuters. ADUs are versatile and designed to meet your needs.

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Our Summit Series shed serves as the perfect granny flat or ADU and is fully customizable.

Interested in designing your own ADU? Our 3D Design Center makes the design process easy. Explore our models and configure your ADU by clicking the button below to get started!



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ADUS From Coast to Coast:

Homeowners across the country are turning to ADUs for a variety of reasons and in a variety of climates. Our ADUs are built to last and fare well against all types of weather—from deserts to mountains, Studio Shed offers top of the line solutions. We ship to all 50 U.S. states.

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One shed does not fit all. Our innovative prefab solution is a flat-packed, panelized kits of parts with hundreds of customizations in the Design Center. There are millions of combinations of sizes, door and window placements, and colors. All thoughtfully designed to work together.