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Since our founding in 2008, Studio Shed has changed the way we think about our living space and redefined a category along the way. We are a national leader in the rapidly growing market of smart, well-designed, prefabricated backyard structures and pioneering the most efficient and affordable ways to deliver these refined products to clients from coast to coast.


Studio Shed is not simply a product company, but a lifestyle and solutions company seeking a broad impact on real estate and its socio-economic benefits: Smarter work-from-home solutions, urban infill, housing for the homeless, energy efficient & eco-friendly products, and, naturally, beautiful backyard sheds.




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Professional Installation Partner

Partner with us as an independent installer and help us bring our studios and ADUs to life across the nation. Studio Shed installation partners do everything from preparing the foundation to installing our prefabricated, panelized shed kit and, in many cases, receive additional work by working with customers to finish their new space with the addition of decks, plumbing, and interior accoutrements.


We are currently hiring multiple positions for the Production Craftsman role; experience levels can range from entry-level to skilled mentor Craftsman. Areas of work can include framing, cladding, sheathing, truss fabrication and/or paint. As the backbone of our company, this position requires individuals with a Craftsman aptitude and a desire to develop within a growing company. Please click below for further information.