Modular Construction vs. Traditional Construction

Considering adding more space to your home? When compared to a traditional home remodel, a freestanding, or detached, modular addition from Studio Shed is a customizable and faster way to do so without breaking the bank.

Check out our infographic to discover the benefits of a freestanding modular construction remodel over a traditional home remodel project. Ready to begin customizing your very own? Head over to our Configurator to begin building the Studio Shed of your dreams today.


Adding more space to your home has never been easier thanks to the rising popularity of freestanding, or detached, modular additions. Built entirely within a factory, delivered to your house, and installed quickly and without the disruptions caused by a traditional remodel, these prefabricated backyard sheds offer a number of benefits that make them a preferred choice over their “stick-build” or attached counterparts.

Benefits of a Freestanding Modular Addition:

  • Cost-Effective: A freestanding modular addition can save 20-40% when compared to a traditional remodel.
  • Eco-Friendly: Pre-configured designs and precise building material quantities lead to lower waste.
  • Faster: Simpler foundation options and panelized construction result in a fraction of time in the field.

Studio Shed’s most popular finished spaces are installed in less than one week.

Uses for a Freestanding Modular Home (include links to each section on the website)

  • Home Office
  • Artist Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Guest Bedroom

Cost Savings

  • Labor Factory: Construction done on an assembly line leads to lower labor costs and greater efficiency.
  • Materials Manufacturers: Purchase materials in bulk, allowing them to save money and pass the savings on to the consumer.
  • Fixed Price: Price is set upon approval and submission of plans to the manufacturer. *Studio Shed’s online build tool gives you the freedom to design the space you need and arrive at a fixed price that includes all options, delivery, and installation.

Studio Shed’s online build tool gives you the freedom to design the space you need and arrive at a fixed price that includes all options, delivery, and installation.

Manufacturing Process

  • Myth: Modular addition quality is inferior to traditional stick-build construction projects.
  • Fact: The build quality of a modular addition is significantly better than a stick-build.
  • Equipment: Specialized on-site equipment operated by skilled workers leads to more durable and secure construction.
  • Climate Control: Due to their factory construction, modular addition materials are protected from the elements.
  • Control: Modular home manufacturers employ rigorous quality control procedures and multiple inspections.

Did You Know: Studio Shed freestanding modular additions are built to withstand the harshest wind and snow loads, and meet residential building codes throughout the US Quality

Installation Process

  • Speed: Since the addition comes pre-built, installation can take anywhere from two days to a week.
  • Less Disruption: Speedy installation of an already-completed addition means less disruption of your day-to-day life.
  • No Delays: Detached modular additions are built indoors, so their construction won’t be hindered by inclement weather or other external factors.

Why is a Freestanding Modular Addition Better?

  • No need to cut into existing walls.
  • No need to re-configure interior space.
  • No need to tie materials into an existing home.

A freestanding addition allows for better integration of indoor and outdoor living areas by creating “positive” space in one’s backyard.


  • Less Waste: Fewer materials are used in the construction of a modular addition, leading to less waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Precision construction and sealed seams lead to less air escaping and thus more efficient heating and cooling.

Studio Shed is proud to use green materials whenever possible, and each modular addition is engineered to create the absolute minimum amount of waste.

Things To Remember

Prices vary based on a variety of factors, such as size, regulations, amenities, and more. In some instances, a traditional remodel may be the most cost-effective choice. During the planning process, speaking to multiple contractors and modular manufacturers can ensure you make the right decision.

After Completion

  • Resale Value: A freestanding modular addition can increase the value of your home.
  • Warranty: Many modular manufacturers offer comprehensive warranties.

Studio Shed offers a 1-3 year warranty on all sheds.

Studio Shed owners who have sold their homes have seen their modular addition appraised at 1.5x what they paid for the structure on average. A freestanding structure provides a great return on investment and is a strong way to differentiate your property from others on the market when it comes time to sell.

Other Uses for Modular Additions:

Accessory Dwelling Units: A separate house or apartment with its own entrance and on the same land as a primary home. Accessory Dwelling units are also the most flexible way to add living space. They can be used to generate rental revenue, house aging parents, or provide a space for guests. Other Names: Granny Flats, Laneway Houses, In-Law Units, Carriage Units

While every situation is unique, freestanding modular additions are a suitable alternative for many home renovation projects. Customizable down to every last detail, made of 100% sustainable materials, and typically installed in less than a week, a panelized or freestanding Studio Shed modular addition is a faster, easier, and more affordable way to add space and resale value to your current home. Our online 3D configurator tool gives you the freedom to design the space you need and to lock in a fixed price that includes everything from construction to delivery to installation.