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New Flooring Options & Studio Sprout Configurator

We're all about choices at Studio Shed, and we've got some new ones if you're considering a space with our Lifestyle Interior! Our new engineered options are durable and beautiful, and reflect the most current design trends for interior rooms. They're all available now for ordering in our 3D configurator, complete with full-room swatches so you can visualize exactly what you're getting.

In addition to our new options, we still offer natural and healthy cork - one of our most popular green upgrades. Take a look, and start dreaming about your perfect Studio Shed interior!

New Flooring Options for Studio Sheds
Design Your Studio Sprout Home Greenhouse


If you've been eying one of our Studio Sprout greenhouses this summer, we've got a great update for you to try out! We just added a new design and pricing tool similar to our 3D configurator for our Signature Series. Now you can build and visualize your Studio Sprout in 3D! Customize your size and layout, and see what your Sprout will look like with your own personalized door and aluminum colors. And of course, once you build your dream greenhouse, you can order securely online. The only thing missing is an interior full of your favorite flowers and garden vegetables - but we'll leave that final detail for once it's in your backyard!

For those of you who are dreaming of more space in your life, contact our award-winning Customer Experience Team at 888-900-3933 to get answers about any questions you have about our new larger spaces. Smart and sustainable design remains our focus, and you can now live a little larger with Studio Shed.

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Design Your Studio Shed

One shed does not fit all. Our innovative prefab solution is a flat-packed, panelized kits of parts with hundreds of customizations in the Design Center. There are millions of combinations of sizes, door and window placements, and colors. All thoughtfully designed to work together.

A Studio Shed installed in a Colorado location with the Rocky mountains in the background.

Built in Colorado. Delivered and assembled nationwide. Shipping available to all 50 U.S. states and select locations in Canada.