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What sets Studio Shed apart is our focus on customer experience. We have an award-winning team of dedicated representatives to assist you from your first question in the purchase process, all the way through the final walk-through of your completed Studio Shed. They are experts in our modular product, and work directly with our production and installation teams to make getting your space as smooth as possible.    

Once you and your customer experience representative decide on the Studio Shed that best meets your needs, there are two fulfillment options for ordering:


For orders requiring a permit, upon placement of your deposit Studio Shed creates your plan set specific to your location in the country. This plan set is reviewed by our engineering firm, who creates a stamped set of drawings required by your building department, specific to your local codes. This process takes between 3-5 weeks. Once your specific Studio Shed configuration and local requirements are approved by our engineers, you will receive a set of engineered drawings to submit to your city or county building department. Permit approval timelines vary widely by city, and times can be measured in hours or weeks. Once your permit is approved, your shed is scheduled for production and turnaround time matches our unpermitted orders, which is currently 4+ weeks. NOTE ON PERMITS: Most municipalities in the US allow for the construction of one 120 square foot structure without a building permit. Many areas are more restrictive, at 80 sqft, and many permit up to 200sqft. Studio Shed recommends that our customers always adhere to local zoning regulations, but we also recommend that our customers consider a smaller structure if it can make the difference between necessitating a permit or not in your area. Many of our best and most functional projects are smaller than 120 square feet, which is the perfect size for an office, storage room, or creative studio. Bigger isn’t always better, and our smaller structures combine the best in functionality, ease of installation, and rapid order fulfillment.


Unpermitted orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently, with straightforward turnaround times. Within 24 hours of the receipt of your deposit, your shed is scheduled for production. Your installation date is also estimated at this time if you are purchasing our installation services. Production lead-time is 4+ weeks, at which time your shed ships and is installed. Installer availability varies by market and can affect your installation date during our busiest periods. While your shed is in production, you will work with either your own contractor or our certified installer (if they perform foundation work in your market), to complete your foundation to accept the delivery and installation of your shed. Your Customer Experience representative will work with you during the order process to confirm the best foundation type for your Studio Shed. Foundation preparation is a simple process that in many cases can be completed by working directly with our certified installation teams.

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Make Your Escape

Design Your Studio Shed

One shed does not fit all. Our innovative prefab solution is a flat-packed, panelized kits of parts with hundreds of customizations in the Design Center. There are millions of combinations of sizes, door and window placements, and colors. All thoughtfully designed to work together.