Sarah Designs Her Dream Space

Sarah Designs Her Dream Space

Lack of time and studio space had caused Sarah J. to put her creative endeavors on hold. “I craved creative space,” said the Austin-based therapist and sculptor. “I envisioned a really beautiful architectural spot, a modern, forward-thinking place. We had room in our backyard to build something just for me, but I wasn’t sure how to create it,”

SS-AustinSarah first turned to a local architect for help in designing a backyard studio she could use for art, projects, entertaining and quiet time. Together they began framing a plan for her dream shed. Unfortunately, while the resulting designs were thoughtful and creative, they were scaled way beyond the practicalities of Sarah’s needs or preferred budget. “I found the initial process a bit frustrating,” admits Sarah. “There wasn’t enough ‘me’ in the end result.”

Another friend, also an architect, suggested she check out “I got online and immediately loved the look. Playing with Studio Shed’s Shed Configurator quickly helped me figure out what appealed to me and bring my own vision to life.

“When I called Studio Shed, Laura became my particularly wonderful shed guide,” said Sarah. “We talked in detail about my ideal space, its mood, functionality, feel, setting and ultimate uses. After 2 to 3 drawings, we’d nailed it. The collaborative process was great. What can I say: my Studio Shed is everything I hoped for and at a very reasonable price.

The shed also fit in beautifully with the home and yard that Sarah and her longtime partner share. Their two-story red brick 1980s-era house is comfortable and roomy, with a deep shaded backyard. While the front façade is non-descript, outback the two have created a private haven where charm and character dominate. Anchoring the setting is an L-shaped addition with floor-to-ceiling windows that wraps around an expansive red brick patio. Stone paths circle the house and lush lawn where the dogs play and lead to a peaceful garden off to the side. The new shed found a perfect home in a space beyond the lawn that had been rarely used despite its cool breezy setting.

Working with Studio Shed, Sarah customized a 12’ x 20’ Lifestyle model, choosing pale taupe Collins Plank siding painted to match a paint chip the exact color of the grout of the red brick house. The options she selected make optimal use of the site’s natural light: double full-light French doors; multiple operable side windows; an added back door; plus double-height clerestory windows across the facade which provide an extra foot in ceiling height. She painted the French doors purple “for pop.”

photo2-copySarah further customized her Studio Shed to achieve everything on her wish list when she added two ceiling fans, installed stained cement floors and acquired a wall-hung, duct-free European heating and cooling unit for year-round comfort. Out the back door, she added extra lighting and outlets in anticipation of the dog grooming area and potting bench she’s planning to install soon.

Adds Sarah, “Before, we had this big beautiful yard and never used most of it. Now, with my new Studio Shed, we have another place to go — a beautiful peaceful destination that’s just down the garden path.”

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