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Highlighting the Winners of the #MyStudioShed2023 Photo Contest

This year, Studio Shed reinvited customers nationwide to enter our annual Photo & Video Contest showing off their backyard studios and their Accessory Dwelling Units. We were blown away by the incredible range of submissions and are honored to be a part of so many unique stories! We are grateful to everyone who participated.


Without further ado, it is time to celebrate the two winners of the #MyStudioShed2023 Photo & Video Contest! Read more below.

View of Zion from a Studio Shed

Charissa's 120 SF Music Studio

Charissa’s journey to her private yet inviting music studio began years before Studio Shed was in the picture. Charissa and her husband, Dana, moved from Chicago to Los Angeles over 20 years ago. The two are both heavily involved in the music world, with Dana being a sound engineer and mixer and Charissa as a musician and music therapist. Charissa and Dana previously shared their workspaces in their home, often alternating between headsets and going to separate rooms. Sharing these music spaces proved difficult. Charissa’s music therapy sessions (often heard throughout the house with loud drums and singing) are not masked easily by audiophile headphones. So, the two set out to find a solution in their backyard.


Initially, the couple wanted to find Dana a separate backyard space. They began working with an architect to create a 1000 SF custom music studio addition before the pandemic. After the pandemic hit, they were shocked to find that the price for Dana's custom music studio had nearly quadrupled! Due to the unexpected budget increase, the two decided to look into more suitable options for their problem.


The couple then learned about Studio Shed. Charissa says she loves the modern and prefabricated option for their studio dreams. The two decided it would be more beneficial for Charissa to have a detached space from the house due to the noise and privacy needs of music therapy. She enjoyed Studio Shed's simple design process and choosing the colors and windows. They did their due diligence by working with their local Planning & Building Department to confirm that their project was feasible and confirmed that a permit was not required. The two had never been involved in the construction world before this moment and had an easy and streamlined experience during installation.


Now, Charissa can teach individuals ages 6 through 70, in private group sessions, and her patients say they feel confident in doing therapy work in this confidential space.

Charissa's Shed
Charissa's Signature

Joel's 352 SF Guest House and Airbnb

Joel and his wife, Leah, moved to Greater Zion a few years ago. They were drawn to the rich and stunning landscapes of the southwest and found their home outside the Vermillion Cliffs. Joel and his family adored the area and often found that family and in-laws wanted to visit their stunning new home. The family decided that they wanted to provide extra space for their in-laws to stay. Since they also recognized the beauty of the area and the opportunities before them with a detached guest house on their property, they wanted to share the view with others via Airbnb!


Joel is an artistic individual and works as a Creative Director for a nonprofit. He wanted to elevate our interior packages to meet his creative vision and put a colorful spin on them. He took inspiration from Cuban and Spanish interior design and created a beautiful guest house. Both his in-laws and short-term rental guests adore the charm. Joel says he appreciated Studio Shed's willingness and accommodation and enjoyed the step-by-step process and collaboration.


Joel says his guest house is now a "gift to others" to stay in a beautiful area and is a wonderful space for their loved ones to reside. He now gets to have splendid interactions with tourists and has enjoyed the fun investment. Joel and his family love to point others to great spots near Zion and are overjoyed to be a part of others' vacation memories.

Joel's Guest House
Joel's 16x22 Summit

Thank You, Studio Shed Fans!

Studio Shed wants to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the #MyStudioshed2023 Photo & Video Contest. The quality and creativity of the submissions we received were truly outstanding, and it was an absolute pleasure to see so many people sharing their talents with us. Whether you submitted a photo or simply took the time to view and appreciate the work of others, please know that your participation made this contest a huge success. We are so grateful for your support, and we can't wait to see what you'll come up with next year!

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