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Americans are Turning to DIY to Tackle Their Home Improvement Goals

While 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty – it also offered the opportunity to make space for new ideas, hobbies, and pursuits. Indeed, more people turned their focus inward and used this time to revamp their home spaces. In a new study by CRAFTSMAN, research has found that 65% of Americans claim to have more time for home improvement or home renovation projects since the onset of COVID-19. The study also found that with all this newfound time, more than 3 in 4 Americans have built up their home improvement skills in 2020. We’ve always loved a good DIY project at Studio Shed, so this is good news to us!

76% of Americans Say They or Someone in Their Household Worked on at Least One Home Improvement Project in 2020

"It is interesting to see that homeowners are showing such resourcefulness when faced with all of the headaches that 2020 brought in a variety of ways. Now, more than ever, we are seeing it difficult to schedule and find high-quality contractors, and it is encouraging to see homeowners take the initiative to do it themselves when required" says Jeremy Nova, Co-Founder and Creative Director for Studio Shed.

In addition to the shortage of high-quality contractors around the country, many homeowners aren't comfortable with people outside of their small circle entering their home due to the ongoing risk of the pandemic. Instead of letting this deter homeowners from achieving their dream spaces and renovation goals, they’re facing the challenge head-on and teaching themselves how to complete DIY projects. In fact, more than 1 in 5 Americans learned to use a drill for the first time in the onset of COVID-19.

DIY home improvement projects aren't just about the finished project, however. 29% of Americans say home improvement projects are a good way to spend quality time with family and over 9 out of 10 Americans say completing home improvement projects made them feel accomplished – according to the CRAFTSMAN Built@Home survey. "It’s also encouraging to see the report that it’s a way to spend quality time – as a company that encourages DIY projects, we certainly know this is the case. Doing a large project on one’s own is a lot of fun and creates real satisfaction at a job well done when it’s finished" said Jeremy Nova.

Studio Shed DIY Installation Simplifies Home Improvement Projects While Offering a Unique Solution to Crowded Homes

Similar to the surge in interest for DIY home improvement projects, Americans are also faced with the need for extra space after spending more time than ever in their homes in 2020.

Studio Shed has the solution – specializing in detached accessory dwelling units and backyard studios, we provide homeowners with the advantages of increased privacy, simplified permitting and construction logistics, and avoiding costly renovations to one’s home.

"The best thing we have ever done. The secret to happiness in Covid!" said Jodi Scarbrough, who turned her backyard DIY shed into a home office. "The shed is great!" Husband, Will Scarbrough, agreed, "A great product. It has been a lifesaver and wonderful to use every day".

Studio Shed was born with a Do-It-Yourself attitude and encourages homeowners to select our DIY installation option, which provides homeowners with half the headache, but all of the satisfaction of a job well done. The DIY Shed Kit, made up of a panelized system, installs cleanly and efficiently and ships with everything you need, along with a short and specific list of inexpensive and commonly available supplemental items.

DIY projects are proven to be the fastest and most affordable way to add space to your home. Studio Shed’s DIY Shed Kit not only allows you to avoid working around a contractor’s schedule, but also provides the avid DIY’er an opportunity to build something far more refined than what is possible with off-the-shelf materials.

Are you considering a home improvement project or renovation in 2021? Get started with our 3D design center and create the perfect backyard space for your home needs!

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