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An avid sailor of the San Francisco Bay, Mike M. knew the pleasure of tapping the power of nature and using the right equipment to tackle necessary tasks. Recently he found similar satisfaction in designing a home office perched on the hillside adjacent to his remote off-the-power-grid home in the rugged terrain east of Silicon Valley.
“Things changed for me at work when individual offices were eliminated to create open work spaces,” said Mike. “Suddenly telecommuting became an attractive option for me, as my role can require privacy when I’m handling creative plans and sensitive negotiations.”

Newly set up as a home telecommuter, he found he’d barged in on the already busy turf of his two teenage kids and his wife, who was also telecommuting from home.

Quickly, Mike began an online search for a separate home office solution. He was drawn to prefabricated options and found what he wanted at “Everything clicked,” he said. “I really liked their slanted roof and other high efficiency design elements, and the online Shed Configurator made it easy to walk through options.”

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The Studio Shed he chose is a 10’ x12’ Lifestyle Model which comes with a corrugated steel roof, plank/metal siding, front clerestory windows, operable side windows and a finished interior. To this he added a full-glass façade by selecting Studio Shed’s optional glass French doors flanked by vertical windows. For exterior trim he selected horizontal brown Collins Plank above, and vertical corrugated steel siding below. The jutting 12’ x 18’ redwood deck he added was achieved by extending the shed’s footprint and redwood flooring, and adding six poured cement posts beneath for support.

Mike positioned his office 200 feet from the house where it is easily fed by the power center in the garage comprised of solar and wind energy, surplus power batteries and backup generator.

home-office-shed-1024x680From his new office, Mike enjoys a long view, 30 miles across the hills towards Mount Diablo, the largest mountain in the Bay area. “My full glass wall faces the best view on our property and is also positioned to catch the breeze. It’s always cool inside, even on 90°F days.”

“My office is so relaxing,” said Mike. “I’m at work but it’s completely non-stressful. I can concentrate. I feel energized. I’m productive. The other night, as I sat here with a beer, I saw a shooting star zoom across. My wife is impressed. She’s thinking we need another Studio Shed office for her.”

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