A Designer’s Eye for Detail

Growing season is almost here! To start getting inspired for our spring and summer projects, Studio Shed sat down with Garden Eats co-founder Christine Dionese to talk about growing your own food, indoor and outdoor gardening, and tips for those considering a greenhouse – like our new Studio Sprout – as we head into the planting season. Enjoy!

Tell us about Garden Eats – what is it and why was it founded?

Garden Eats was established as an organic kitchen gardening blog that has evolved into a sustainable modern lifestyle community. We started as a response from patients in my private, integrative health care practice. Part of what I prescribe is “food therapy” and sustainable lifestyle suggestions. At the urging of patient interest in growing their own food and learning more about how to create eco-friendly, conscious sustainability in the home and community, Garden Eats was born! Kath, my mom and partner is a gardening genius, so naturally I asked if she’d be up for being our chief garden gal. When we started we were just a blog, but quickly added organic edible landscaping design and food therapy services again at the urging of patients, but also readers and fans. We’ve received a lot of love so far!

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