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Everyone at Studio Shed loves being outdoors. We just can’t help ourselves – we live in beautiful Colorado where we’re accustomed to at least 300 days of sunshine each year and where nature beckons us to play outside. We mountain bike, we hike, we run, we ski, we play! And even when we’re relaxing at home you’ll likely find us,…


In 2014 Studio Shed will be bringing you a guest blog series from some of the most influential voices in our industry spanning topics from green building, living small, outdoor spaces, landscape design and more. We’re thrilled to kick off our series with an interview with Microshowcase’s Brian Levy. Brian founded Microshowcase, a micro-housing community in Washington DC. It has garnered…


An avid sailor of the San Francisco Bay, Mike M. knew the pleasure of tapping the power of nature and using the right equipment to tackle necessary tasks. Recently he found similar satisfaction in designing a home office perched on the hillside adjacent to his remote off-the-power-grid home in the rugged terrain east of Silicon Valley. “Things changed for me at work when…

Sarah Designs Her Dream Space

Lack of time and studio space had caused Sarah J. to put her creative endeavors on hold. “I craved creative space,” said the Austin-based therapist and sculptor. “I envisioned a really beautiful architectural spot, a modern, forward-thinking place. We had room in our backyard to build something just for me, but I wasn’t sure how to create it,”

A Modern Shed at Home in Historic Neighborhood

For nine years, abstract painter Rush Beam shuttled his art supplies from one random tight space to another, borrowing closet, storage and guest bedroom spaces from friends, first in Davidson, NC, then in San Francisco. When he moved back to North Carolina for a position in Durham related to his career in youth ministry, his wife Erin agreed that an…

A Designer’s Eye for Detail

California interior/exterior designer Kathryn McCormack looked at the typical one-story 1950s bungalow in the Mesa neighborhood of Santa Barbara and saw the future. Just five doors from the bluffs overlooking the Pacific, with good bones, it was perfect. She bought it and set about changing… well, everything. Incredibly her whole house re-design was kicked off by the Studio Shed she…

Eric’s Excellent Getaway: A Backyard Gym-in-a-Shed

Anyone who works from home knows how important it is and how tough it can be to “get away” now and then. For Eric Landek of Redwood City, California, the solution was to get away without actually going anywhere! No gearing up, no time wasted traveling to and from, before heading back to work refreshed and raring to go. Eric’s

Writer Seeks Quiet Private Space, 20-second Commute

Theirs was a classic case of “now what?” Marco and Kayla Morelli loved their 1,000 square foot, 2-bedroom house in a wonderful downtown neighborhood in Longmont, Colo. From the get-go, the property gave them everything they wanted: charm, location, a long deep backyard, friends nearby and a friendly five minute walk to the many restaurants, coffee shops, library and parks…

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