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what our customers say about studio shed
  • “Living in a small home has its pros and cons, especially when a robust collection of sporting equipment threatens to take over any and all available space. When it came time to update our 50-year old metal storage shed, it took some digging to find a structure that met our design aesthetic, budget, and functional needs. Enter Studio-Shed. With clean modern lines, a functional layout and ease of installation, we transformed our backyard into an outdoor living space and reclaimed our garage. When it came time to sell our home, our Studio-Shed made a strong impression on potential buyers as a fantastic and unique asset to the property. It is said that the details make a house a home. If that is true, then great design makes a ‘storage unit’ a Studio-Shed.””- M.O., Eagle, CO

Planning your Studio Shed

Our typical turnaround time for unpermitted Studio Shed orders is 6-8 weeks from design approval. The timeline for installed products can vary with the availability of our certified installation teams. If you are permitting your structure, lead-times could be longer and depends on the timeliness of your city / county building department.
It depends on the size and options included with your Studio Shed. Most counties allow for the construction of one 120 square foot structure without applying for a building permit. Be sure to check local regulations before ordering, however, as some municipalities have more stringent requirements.

Unpermitted projects have a shorter turnaround time, and are generally less expensive. For this reason, our 10 x 12 or smaller Studio Shed models are our most popular.

To make the permitting process as simple as possible, we offer several supporting products for clients who need to permit, or who choose a larger structure. We can provide full architectural plan sets as well as engineer-stamped drawings (for an additional charge) for any Studio Shed purchase that requires a permit.

Clear pricing for every one of our Studio Shed models is available in our Shed Configurator. You can add or subtract window and door options, change sizes and see in real time how your customization affects the final price. Shipping and Installation prices are listed as well.

Average all-in cost (Studio Shed, foundation, shipping, installation) for turnkey, Professionally Installed Studio Sheds with LifestyleTM Interiors is typically between $120-180 / square foot depending on sizes and options. This is much less than the cost of a comparable home addition, and far simpler logistically as well.

Ordering your Studio Shed is simple. You can build your Studio Shed to your exact specifications in our 3D Shed Configurator and place a deposit directly on our website. We will contact you immediately to confirm any remaining details of your order – and to walk you through the production and installation timeline.

We also accept phone orders and encourage you to call our office any time with questions throughout the process. 

For installed units, we require a 50% deposit, 45% before shipment, and 5% due after final walkthrough. For DIY kits, we require a 50% deposit and 50% due before shipment/receipt. We accept all major credit cards and checks.


Studio Shed Product Questions

Our Studio Shed Signature Series line includes sizes from 6 x 8 up to 12 x 28. These can be built, customized, and ordered online in our 3D Shed Configurator. There are a variety of options available, from added height to Lifestyle Interior finishes – all selectable in the Configurator.

Studio Shed’s Designer Series includes larger models – 14’ and 16’ depths – as well as smaller models that are heavily customized. Given the constraints and engineering structure of our modular system, some customization is possible and some is not. For example, non-standard window and door placement is possible, but typically not non-standard door or window sizes. Stacked window orientations are possible, as are rough openings for overhead garage doors. If you purchase a Designer Series model, you’ll work directly with our design team to make your dream Studio Shed a reality. Prices are quoted by your local sales representative, and lead times average 10-12 weeks, possibly longer if it is a permitted project.

The Studio Shed Mini is a small storage shed sold exclusively as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit. It’s ideal for small spaces, tight side yards and is available in four sizes.

All Lifestyle Interiors include high-efficiency and healthy denim insulation in the walls and roof, your choice of finished flooring, electrical package, all interior/exterior fixtures and outlets, and all finish trim and hardware.

Clients who choose our Studio Shed Professional Installation also get a seamless finished and painted smooth knock-down (level three) drywall interior – turnkey and ready to use. Interior wall cladding is not included with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lifestyle Interior purchases, but a specific materials list is included to facilitate the easy purchase of these readily available materials by you or your contractor.

James Hardie HardiPanel siding. A fiber cement product, designed for the severest of climates and to withstand anything mother nature can throw at it.
Yes – all Studio Sheds arrive as a flat packed kit.  Our pre-finished panels are fabricated in our factory, then crated and shipped to each building site where they are installed by our clients or professionally installed by our Premium Installation Teams. 
We offer multiple installation options:

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):

As the name says, you do it yourself! This is a great option for the handy homeowner who enjoys a weekend project and wants to save money. Every DIY Studio Shed purchase includes the same installer training tools that we use with our own Professional Install Teams. From specific building plans to short videos detailing key steps, we’ve got you covered – and we’re always just a phone call away.

Studio Shed Professional Installation – Shell Only:

Our Certified Installers take delivery of your Studio Shed and install all wall panels, roofing and siding. For clients who purchase a Studio Shed without a LifestyleTM Interior, this is a complete installation of the product. This is also a popular option for clients who choose a Lifestyle Interior and have the ability to install and paint the interior finishes themselves as the electrical package and insulation is included.

Studio Shed Professional Installation – Shell + LifestyleTM Interior:

A premium turnkey installation of your Studio Shed and all options. If you want to go to work and have your new Studio Shed appear in your backyard over a matter of days – this is for you. All of our Certified Installers are licensed, insured professionals who deliver the same level of service we would expect at our own homes.

Studio Shed models with Lifestyle Interiors include an electrical package for a simple electrical hookup and include all fixtures, switches and outlets. Trenching and hookup to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. In most cases our Professional Installers can work with you to provide this service. Depending on your municipality, you may need a permit.

Note: If it is required, obtaining an electrical-only permit is usually much simpler than a full building permit, which is not generally required for our most popular Studio Sheds.

Studio Shed does not directly include or install bathrooms or kitchens in any of our models. Many of our clients have worked independently with our Certified Installers or their own contractors to have this work done. The majority of our Certified Installers have the ability to quote this work directly in conjunction with your Studio Shed order.
Studio Shed products are designed to be placed on either a poured concrete slab, or installed with a self-supported joisted floor system similar to a deck. This floor system can be purchased directly from us at the time of your order and is offered both insulated (R-26) and un-insulated.

There are multiple options to attach our floor system to the earth. The most popular method consists of simple poured or pre-cast concrete piers. For small, unfinished units, a 4×4 skid foundation may suffice.

Because every site is different, Studio Shed does not directly quote the cost of foundations or pour concrete. However, this is a service that the majority of our Certified Installers provide, and they will work with you directly to get the best foundation for your site in an efficient way.

See the diagrams below for 3D cutaways of our un-insulated and insulated (R-26) floor systems.



For additional information, please refer to customer responsibilities within our terms and conditions section.

Studio Shed operates a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Boulder County, Colorado. We prefabricate wall and roof panels in our factory, pre-insulate Lifestyle Interiors, and build all of our signature structural CloudLite and VistaLite windows in house.

Optimized engineering and clean factory production ensure the highest quality, minimal waste, and a product that installs efficiently. As with typical home construction, we use 2 x 4 wall framing (or 2 x 6 for larger units), sheathed with the high efficiency ZipWall system, then sided with HardiPanel cement board siding, and high-quality Galvalume for the wainscot option.

Our heavy-duty roof system is partially prefabricated in sections, engineered for maximum loads across the country, and constructed from 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x10, or beams depending on the size of the Studio Shed. It is sheeted with ¾” plywood decking and finished with a weatherproof membrane and high-quality 24-gauge corrugated Galvalume metal roofing sheets.14-01-17 SShed-Technical Spec-Cutaway

For a 10 x 12 model, the interior ceiling height varies from 7’6” at the rear to 8’6” at the front. The tallest exterior point of the building varies by depth from 9’3″ to 9’8″ (when placed on a concrete foundation, it is higher if using our framed floor system). Expand the graphic below to view all key Signature Series product dimensions.Signature Series-Dimensions
It depends on your preference and your location. In some climates they can be left untreated. We offer pre-painted or stained rafters starting at $700.


Other Questions

All Studio Shed products as well as our Professional Installations are backed by a 1-3 year warranty covering material defects and workmanship. The length of your specific warranty depends on the options (siding, etc) that you choose and is detailed with your product quote. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to our doors, windows and certain other products included with your Studio Shed.
Check with your local authorities for occupancy regulations.
No, currently Studio Shed only sells its products in the United States.
No.  For some cool solar options, check out
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